Excellence in Education & Training Awards for Practice and Educational Supervisors

The awards are open for anyone who has successfully completed the HEE LaSE commissioned training course for Educational or Practice Supervisors provided by The Pharmacy Training Company and scored between 90 and 100% on all their assignments. The awards will be accessible to all registered professionals irrespective of their level of career progression. 
The closing date for applications is 31st August 2019.


Individuals will be recognised under each category described below and there will also be an overall winner. 
  • Overall winner
  • Hospital Pharmacist ES 
  • Community Pharmacist ES
  • Hospital Pharmacy technician ES
  • Hospital Pharmacy PS – Pharmacist or Pharmacy technician
  • Other Sector pharmacy ES or PS -  includes those working in General Practice, CCG, Vocational Training Scheme 

We will be judging the submissions using the following criteria:

The outcomes or criteria to be demonstrated will be the same for each category to recognise the core generic skills needed to undertake the role. Individuals can nominate themselves or can be nominated by someone - in either case providing evidence for each criteria

Under each of the headings the Panel will be looking for a maximum of 200 words on how you meet each of the criteria. A range of evidence can be provided from case studies, data, reports to feedback.

  • Excellence in teaching – Excellence in the assignments with marks consistently achieved at 90-100% and how learning from the course has made a positive impact on tutoring the individual’s trainee or pharmacy team.
  • Being a good role model - Model the GPhC standards/guidance for tutors or supervisors. How this individual complies with the guidance and has positively impacted those around them.
  • Going the extra mile – Going over and above your role in education and training. How this individual has delivered other training or undertaken extra work outside their role to add to positively impact those in training.
  • Proven quality – Demonstrate your commitment to and achievement of quality in education & training.  How quality measures such as exam passes, progress reports, and feedback from others all feed into how the training is improved year on year.
  • Innovation and development – Demonstrate how you have developed the training, yourself or others to further advance your role as an exceptional tutor or supervisor. How the individual has developed innovative and/or creative training solutions and built on the training they provide.


The nominations will be judged by a Panel comprised of members of the HEE LaSE ES and PS Steering Group. The Panel will be looking for evidence on how the individual meets each of the criteria.


Certificate and Accommodation Voucher (used for the Clinical Pharmacy Congress or Pharmacy Show overnight stays).

How to apply: 

Nominations are to be sent to administrator@thepharmacytrainingcompany by midnight on 31st August 2019. You can either nominate yourself or others can do this on your behalf. We wish you luck!