Good luck on Friday!
Time has flown and another cohort of trainees sit the Registration Assessment on Friday 28th June.
Results will be out on 26th July.
The first registration date for those who have completed 52 weeks of training and met all the GPhC requirements will be 1st August.

There has been a change of focus for the Assessment this year with more clinical scenario based questions and a higher proportion of questions involving paediatric patients.
Examples are found at

Trainees - Are you worried about being Fit to Sit?
Do you want to double check which resources you can take into the open book exam?
Do you want to check which documents to send with your registration application?
Don't forget you need a duplicate marriage or birth certificate rather than a certified copy nowadays!
There is lots of information about the assessment and registration processes at

Trainees - Are you worried about Fitness to Practise issues?
Is there something on your mind?  Exam stress?  Do you want to talk to someone about it?
Find out about supporting organisations at

And we’d really like to know what you thought of the training year. 
The GPhC requires an 
evaluation of training by training sites.
Tutors – reflect on how things went before the next trainee starts.  Are there things to improve?  Would our training help?  
We offer modules which can be purchased individually and accessed online:

  • Essentials – understanding the pre-registration scheme and the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) guidance
  • Expectations - of regulators, professional bodies and employers: Professionalism
  • Evidence – what it is and how to assess a trainee’s written evidence of competence: Assessment
  • Problem solving – when training isn’t straightforward
  • Recent changes and horizon scanning
  • Professionalism - what it means for tutors and trainees, good character and health frameworks
  • Quality - how and what to measure - monitoring and improving your tutoring
  • Leadership 
  • Coaching and mentoring - helping your trainee to do their best
  • Feedback - models and language to use with your trainee
  • Problem solving – dealing with difficult situations
Trainees and Training Managers - let us know if you feel we could improve things by focussing on specific areas in our training.

Good luck to trainees on Friday and then in their new role as an independent professional practitioner!