GPhC Update Dec 2017

2017/18 Key dates

This is now up to date:


2018/19 Key dates

These will be confirmed once the application entry date has been confirmed in the new year. The first date to start training for the 2018/19 year – 16th July 2018.


2018 Registration Assessments

The 2018 Assessment Regulations, the 2018 Registration specifications and the 2018 framework can be found here:

There have been a couple of small amends to the registration assessment framework:

The Sept 2017 Learning Points and the 2018 example questions can all be found at:


The Pre-registration Manual

The pre-registration online manual has been refreshed, please see link:


The 2017 Autumn Bulletin

Please find the link here:


Pre-registration web pages

These have also been updated now that the pre-reg scheme for 2017/18 has closed:


Survey 2016

In January 2017 the GPhC published the findings from its most recent survey (2014/15) of pre-registration tutors, alongside the findings from pre-registration pharmacy technicians. There is also an analysis of pre-registration trainee pharmacist dissatisfaction for the 2013/14 training year.


Updates to PTC elearning for tutors March 2016

The GPhC have made changes to the preregistration programme. We’d like to make you aware of these.


The Registration Assessment Syllabus has been replaced by the Registration Assessment Framework:


The learning outcomes in the framework are assigned weightings (either high, medium or low) and these relate to the proportion of questions that will be asked in each area: High = 60-70%, Medium = 25-35% and Low = up to 10%.

Detailed information about the learning outcomes can be found in section 5.9 of the manual (click on the website address above). In addition therapeutic areas that are most prevalent are also given weightings with the cardiovascular, central nervous and endocrine systems accounting for the majority of the questions.

High risk drugs are also listed and each assessment is likely to include at least one question on each of the listed drugs or drug groups.

Also the section states that 20% of prescriptions are for paediatrics and therefore the assessment is likely to demonstrate this.

Finally there is a list of calculation descriptions and each assessment is likely to include at least one of these.

It's worth reading the document and thinking about how you can prepare your trainee for the new assessment.


Registration Assessment 2016


Please see the link to a video of a GPhC webinar for pre-registration trainees sitting the 2016 assessments. The webinar took place on 29th February.


You can find the following at the link below in the manual in section five:

  • a template of the rubrics
  • a layout template for the resource packs
  • an example of the answer sheets
  • feb 2016 example part one questions
  • feb 2016 example part two questions


Templates for answering assessment questions can be found at:

Registration Assessment Regulations

Please see link to the 2016 Registration Assessment Regulations, please note changes to 4.7 and 5.1.

The Registration Assessment Specifications for 2016 can also be viewed at this link.


Assessment Centres and Applications

Assessment Centre Venues will be confirmed after the Centre Allocation Letters have been sent next month. Trainees should not request a change of venue before they have received their Centre Allocation Letter.

The Assessment Entry Form will also be launched after the Centre Allocation Letters have been sent:


Calculators for the assessment

A particular model as designated by the GPhC must be purchased by the trainee for use in the assessment. The trainee is responsible for making sure it works so may want to consider having a spare. Trainees shouldn’t wait until the last minute to purchase this.


The GPhC now publish a list of key dates for the preregistration training year:


Tutor fitness to practise issues

If a tutor is under investigation for Fitness to Practice issues, they may be allowed to tutor, but must be assessed for suitability by a GPhC panel.


Training plans

As well as linking to the performance standards, new plans must deliver the section 10 outcomes from the future pharmacist standards

The learning environment should meet principle two of the standards for registered pharmacies.


Autumn Bulletin 2015

This was emailed and sent to trainees and tutors on Friday 20th November 2015.

Spring Bulletin 2016

This was emailed on 7 March 2016. Go to


Pre-registration Training Manual

Content and structure has been reviewed to ensure the language is easier to understand and the flow is more logical and therefore significant changes to the way it looks have occurred in this year’s update. The scheme requirements have not changed and neither have the learning outcomes or performance standards. If your trainees have printed off a copy prior to this update, they may want to print off an updated version. All of the materials in the registration assessment section have been updated in line with the 2016 changes.


Also, information has been added in section five about withdrawing and nullification and in section seven on applying to join the register.


Pre-registration Website pages

The pre-registration web pages have also been updated.


2016/17 Applications

The Applications page for 2016/17 has been updated:


Forms in the manual

The forms have been revamped and the Change of Training Details form has been amended.



The February Edition of Regula+e was released and highlighted the 1st March 2016 premise approval form submission date.


Survey 2014

The GPhC has published the findings from its first survey of pre-registration tutors, alongside the findings from the second year of its survey of pre-registration trainee pharmacists

Survey 2015

The pre-reg tutor survey 2015 was launched on the 14th October and the pre-reg pharmacy technician survey was launched on 19th October.


We hope you find this useful.

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