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Catherine Duggan and the RPS on pharmacy education and training

Posted by Nicola Tyers on Monday, February 27, 2012,
PTC welcomes the willingness of the RPS to promote and support quality education and training
Catherine Duggan wrote an informative overview of the way that education and training in pharmacy is developing in last week’s Pharmaceutical Journal (18th February 2012).  Have a look at the article for an easy-to-follow summary of how different organisations such as Health Education England and Local Education and Training Boards will work together. 
Here at The Pharmacy Training Company (PTC) we w...

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RPS meeting on professionalism

Posted by Nicola Tyers on Monday, February 13, 2012, In : professionalism 
Attended a very interesting meeting at the RPS on professionalism. At last we've started the debate about what pharmacy professionalism is. Is it any different from professionalism for other healthcare team members? See the news and comments page and join the debate!
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