PTC welcomes the willingness of the RPS to promote and support quality education and training
Catherine Duggan wrote an informative overview of the way that education and training in pharmacy is developing in last week’s Pharmaceutical Journal (18th February 2012).  Have a look at the article for an easy-to-follow summary of how different organisations such as Health Education England and Local Education and Training Boards will work together. 
Here at The Pharmacy Training Company (PTC) we were delighted with the views expressed by Catherine in the article on behalf of the RPS.   These views are encapsulated in that the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) will recognise and promote best practice in education and development, embed education in practice and support advancement in all settings.  This is great for pre-registration training – we need quality training across the board.
The RPS wants to develop leaders and provide leadership, articulate the future, and provide appropriate support.  We have identified gaps in current provision in these areas and it’s good news that the RPS sees these too and is ready to pick up the challenge.
The RPS wants to share good practice.  There will be greater emphasis on outcomes for education and training including research and development.  They see their role as explaining reforms in education and training and considering their impact on the wider system across sectors, securing expertise for development and change and shifting the mood towards embracing reforms and new opportunities.  PTC thinks this is an exciting, timely project and we should all get involved.
The RPS will build connections and create education networks, hold events to share best practice, help colleagues get greater understanding of roles and issues and advocate for practitioner development, support and recognition.  This could happen through supporting local leaders through messaging at Local Practice Forums, hosting symposia, working with partner groups to develop portfolios and supporting members through RPS mentors.
PTC is thrilled that the RPS will undertake this work and hope all pharmacists involved in education and training come on board.  Let’s empower quality tutoring to develop future professionals who excel.