Quality improvement is integral to what we do - it's about making the health and care that we provide to be more effective, patient centred, timely, efficient and equitable. We do this through training others in education to assure that trainees get a good quality training experience and so are great practitioners. We gather quality improvement information in a variety of ways including evaluations, questionnaires and focus groups. No wave is ever the same, but we can use tools to predict what is normal and watch to see how we can centre what we do around those we train based on our knowledge, experience, attitudes and values.

We began our journey on wanting to provide good quality pre-registration tutor training driven by comments such as:

It has always surprised me how easy it is to become a pre-reg tutor with little monitoring or check on suitability or standard of training

Since 2011 we have worked tirelessly to improve training for those overseeing the work-based training of others. We have worked for a range of commissioners and our most recent project has been with Health Education England, London and the South East where we have provided educational supervisor training.

We have produced an annual report detailing the work that we have done for the training year 2017/18 and this can be found by clicking on the pdf link below. 

This project highlights the importance of investing in training pre-registration tutors – both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians across sectors, and demonstrates the impact on the educational supervisors themselves, on the trainees, as well as on the pharmacy team. The flexible learning provided through a virtual learning environment meets the knowledge and skills needs of participants and provides a high level of user satisfaction thus motivating users further. 

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"Feedback from some recent work

Practice Supervisor Training 2019

"Not too time consuming to complete, straightforward and i knew where support was if i needed."

"That it is online/ virtual and not face to face. I was able to complete learning flexibly."

"I found the presentations good and the webinars gave you a push to get ideas from the tutors and other participants."

"the trainers are the real strength behind the course and have supported me fabulously"

HEE LaSE commissioned online educational supervisor training 2019

"Best bit was that you learn at your own pace with excellent presentations"

"The simplicity of the course format, I didn't have to attend any support webinars or view the handbook to complete a module."

"Encourages genuine self-reflection and individual PDP in relation to the ES role. Great webinars and resources"

HEE LaSE commissioned online educational supervisor training 2018

"Excellent, it has helped me identify gaps in my knowledge and skills as a tutor"

"I felt that the module really opened my eyes to reflecting on my practice. It was very useful and I can clearly see how it will develop my skills further."

"It was really detailed and very useful. I have learnt a lot from the module. The learning will go a long way to help me in supporting and training future pharmacist. It also directed me to a lot of resources . Excellent work by the facilitators."

"I found the module very useful and it gives a good structure to developing our future pharmacist."

"I found it informative and easy to use. It was useful to be able to go through the videos at my own pace and be able to start from where I left off when returning to them. The resources were also useful and relevant."

Face-face training on coaching and problem solving 2018

"Very good interactive session. Learnt a lot!"

"Great sharing of ideas & for me the session tied in nicely with the HEE course provided by the PTC"

"I found all aspects of the day highly useful."

Our elearning for Pre-registration Tutors 2017

"Engaging and energising. Excellent presentation."

"It is a different type of training and I wish I had access to this when I first started and it would have been a silver spoon for me back then."

Our elearning for Pre-registration Tutors 2016

"The presentation and learning material was  a very good comprehensive account of prereg tutoring role."

"It was very good as it gives you an insight to what the requirements are for a tutor, easy to work through and straight to the point."

"Very good module - gave me information about the different techniques I can use to give my trainee feedback."

"Really helpful for reflection."

"Very useful for revision and also introduction to new methods and approaches."

Our elearning for Pre-registration Tutors 2015

"Well written, concise and easy to navigate through."

"Good introduction for tutors without prior experience, and helpful refresher for those with prior experience"

"Very good basic introduction for new tutors. Has given me a good understanding of where I need to look for further information and has highlighted the important mandatory tasks I need to do such as checking training plan and completion of relevant paperwork."

Inhaler training 2015

"Well structured, well delivered, experience put to great use"

"Excellent... just what the doctor ordered!"

Our elearning for Pre-registration Tutors 2013

"Good - liked the mixture of video and slides."

"The training was very useful, good to see outlined what is expected as a tutor."

"Good - liked the mixture of videos and slides. The narration provided good explanation and examples of the information on the slides."

Feedback from Pre-registration Tutors at NPA Tutor Training Days in July 2013

"Very informative.  Good to know about mentoring, coaching techniques."
"Excellent. Precise."
"Well carried out & enjoyable."

Diabetes Training Event for Pre-registration Pharmacists in April 2013
"Amazing experience, very informative & much appreciated resource prior to pre-reg exam."
"Really good. Good interaction."
"Very comprehensive and engaging. Plenty to learn!"
"I like the layout of the presentation with activities which allow us to engage with the presentation."

COPD Training Event for Salveo Pharmacists in February 2013

"Very informative. Ideal mixture of lecture and practical demonstration."
"Good to see different aspects and variation of opinion."
"Perfect in all ways."

Feedback from BPSA Eastern Area Conference in November 2012

"They (the students) said that the workshop was very different to what they normally do. They wish to have more sessions like yours in their curriculum. Hence, we thank you for delivering two brilliant sessions."

Feedback from Pre-registration Tutors at NPA Tutor Training Days in July and August 2012

"A fantastic introduction to the role of a tutor"
"Very informative. Am now confident on being a tutor"
"Very approachable trainers"
"Excellent. Lots of information provided & all my questions answered"

We enjoyed training Boots teacher practitioners for the day on 21 June 2012

 “I liked the challenging conversations around professionalism and quality”

 “I liked the interactivity, different resources, chance for discussion and scenarios.”

We were pleased to work with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society on their Mentor Development Day on 19th April 2012.  Here's some of the feedback from our session on Mentoring for Pre-registration Tutors

"I felt that Nicola Tyers and Alyson Winter brought a wealth of experience to this session, the workshops were well facilitated and the learning outcome for the afternoon was met.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course" 

"I learned a lot"

Feedback from another happy client who needed help with writing a training plan for his pre-registration trainee

"Thank you very much for the training plan. I have had a look and feel that it is well structured and clear. It will definitely meet our training needs. I am impressed with the speed and quality of your work. well done and thank you again."