About Us

The Pharmacy Training Company was established by Nicola Tyers and Alyson Winter in 2011 to develop those involved in pharmacy training to meet regulatory and quality standards. Nicola and Alyson had more than forty years combined experience in the fields of Hospital and Community Pharmacy, Academia, Regulation and Governance. They also had nine years experience working for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (and latterly the General Pharmaceutical Council) leading on pharmacist pre-registration education and training. 

At the beginning of 2014, Alyson returned to hospital pharmacy work whilst also continuing to work with Nicola on the e-learning programme for pre-registration tutors and as a consultant on other clinical work.

We have developed training for educational supervisors who are both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and across sectors of pharmacy. We believe that we all share core skills and need the same foundation to develop our educator careers.

Why use us?

We have broad experience in several key areas and these include having:

  • Developed the framework for the regulation of pre-registration training
  • Produced and utilised quality assurance frameworks for assessing pre-registration training sites and tutors
  • Developed a framework for checking fitness to practise
  • Assessed trainees' good character and health
  • Coached trainees and tutors on good character and health issues
  • Delivered a wide range of training events in the area of pre-registration training including sessions on; the registration examination, how to be a tutor, how to get training sites accredited, how to check for fitness to practise, how to assess in the workplace, how to feedback and resolve conflicts
  • Delivered a wide range of postgraduate training events including sessions on; social media, analgesia
  • Provided support to stakeholders in pre-registration training through regular bulletins, manuals, web updates, email, telephone, conferences, training events and one to one (face to face) 
  • Co-ordinated research in pre-registration training including the areas of quality management and quality assurance
  • Developed pre-registration policy with all pre-registration stakeholders including pre-registration training managers, examiners, trainees and tutors
  • Routinely utilised regulatory and legislative frameworks e.g. the Pharmacy Order 2010 and ensured compliance



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