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We're delivering face to face pre-registration tutor workshops before the start of the new training year.

The Pharmacy Training Company develops and delivers training for healthcare organisations.

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Using this learning, we're proud to be working with NES for the third year and expanding our work with KSS from one to four projects.

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Our philosophy and how we can help you. Founded in 2011 our mission is to develop those involved in pharmacy to meet regulatory and quality standards. We believe it's about aspiring to excellence, not achieving the minimum and we help people do that.

At the Pharmacy Training Company we believe that professionalism is paramount in equipping those in pharmacy to meet tomorrow's healthcare challenges. Other critical success factors include leadership, developing quality and meeting standards. We are trainers with a proven track record and passion for offering excellent training and support in these areas and can help you achieve your goals. Our background in the regulation and quality assurance of pharmacy and our high level involvement and previous strategic roles at the pharmacy regulator leaves us well placed to use this extensive knowledge and skills in leadership training throughout the healthcare professions. 

Educating and training others is an essential component of being a professional. It's more than being a provider of healthcare and we can help provide you with the knowledge and skills to help you pass on your experiences to those you are supervising. We work with individuals and groups to help you achieve your goals.

Becoming a pharmacy professional. The Pre-registration year is crucial as it is the last step in becoming a registered pharmacist professional. Critical to the success of the year are the quality of the placement and the tutor and these can shape our leaders of the future. At the Pharmacy Training Company we can help you to be a good pre-registration tutor and also help in managing the quality outputs. This is an extremely rewarding role and how you undertake this is key to how your trainee develops. 

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